The Deerma Concept

The Deerma concept began in 2006 and dedicated itself to be an innovative electrical appliance enterprise. The idea was to integrate research and development, design, production and distribution of home appliances and make it as affordable as possible. Since its establishment in 2011, Deerma have consistently increased at 100% in sales for six consecutive years. Consumers have recognised and loved the brand ever since. In June 2018, Deerma gained recognition in local and international markets after completing a $70 million Series A funding round.

Award Winning Designs

The Deerma team has created innovative home appliance concepts since 2006. Deerma has gained so much traction due to their extensive research and combined experience. As a result, the Deerma team’s knowledge of materials and functionality is unmatched. Above all, this has resulted in top selling products that are recognised at home and abroad.

Deerma won the German IF Award for their portable aromatherapy diffuser at the beginning of 2018. Sixty design experts from more than 20 countries selected them in a rigorous process based on 19 selection criteria.
In addition, Deerma successively won two awards from German IF and South Korean K-Design Award in 2019. The awards were for their outstanding innovation and powerful product concept.